Do you like Brunettes? And who does not like?! Silly question, so to not extend we have for you today a collection of 45 alluring brunettes.
By the way, some curiosity about brunette: brunette less time spend on their makeup, as the waitresses get less tips, are considered more intelligent than blonde.
It is also interesting that brunettes are more often chosen by men with the same or similar color of hair. So if you have dark hair then you probably prefer brunette too!
Natural brunettes have less hair than blondes (about 10% less)
Ok, enough of those curiosities.
They are all incredibly foxy and sexy and posing in the most topless.
So do not wait any longer and check out the gallery below where you will find these awesome girls.


And do you prefer brunettes or blondes? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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